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Quick note! if entering the state of Arizona with an oversize load on the weekend…

**Note: Loads over 11' wide will be required to have one escort to travel from 3 a.m. to noon on weekends, and loads 15' high and over will need an additional escort with height pole. This is if you plan on entering Arizona during the weekend, don't get stuck at the scales, Call ahead and request an escort.

Arizona Road Conditions
(888)411-ROAD or dial 511 (Statewide Road Conditions) (Statewide Road Conditions Map)

Motor Vehicle Division (602) 712-8851 | (602) 712-8849
Office Hours: 8am - 5pm Mountain Time

Special Information Needed
Driver's name
AZ motor carrier # or IFTA# (IFTA # is state code + FEIN)
Origin, destination, route, date and time of movement Truck make, license # and state
Load info
If using a jeep, state and license #;
Empty wt of tractor and trailer
Overhang, first 7 digits of motor carrier use fuel #

Times of Movement
½ hr before sunrise to ½ hr after sunset; no travel Sat.-Sun.

Restricted travel on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

If the holiday falls on a Monday, movement shall stop before noon the Friday preceding the holiday.

No Movement allowed in snowy, icy conditions or any severe weather which may cause hazard to traffic or the highway.

No movement allowed on I-17, I-10 & SR 60 within city limits of Greater Phoenix area from 7am - 9am and 4pm - 6pm on Monday - Friday

No over-height movement on I-17 in Phoenix between Northern Buckeye Ave and 19th Avenue

No movement on I-10 or I-19 in Tucson from 7am - 9am & 4pm - 6pm Monday through Friday

Class C Permit required for ALL loads on SR88
Class A Permit required for All other routes
Class C Permit required for loads exceeding 14’ wide, 16’ high or 120’ long or over 250,000 lbs.

Overweight Only, vehicles or loads & trailers less than 10’ wide, 14’ 6” high, less than 10’ rear overhang or 3’ front overhang may be granted continuous operation permit.
Overweight Only, loads less than 10

When Pilot/Escort Vehicle is Required
Over 14' wide, Over 16' high or Over 120' long
1 Pilot Car or more required
A# Highways Over 12’ wide
1 Front Pilot Car & 1 Rear Pilot Car
Front Overhang 20’ or more
1 Front Pilot Car
Rear overhang 20’ or more
1 Rear Pilot Car

Requirements for Pilot/Escort Vehicle
Passenger car or 2 axle truck not exceeding 20,000 lbs.
Lights: Warning lights are required
Signs: “OVERSIZE LOAD” sign facing traffic approaching the load being escorted, Must be 5’ above the ground; mounted securely to the vehicle, Dimension: 5’ x 1’ w/ 1” black letters on yellow background
Flags: 12” red flags on all four corners of the vehicle
Additional equipment: 2-way radio compatible w/ 2-way radios in towing/escort vehicles capable of transmitting/receiving voice messages over a minimum distance of ½ mile, 8 flares, A first-aid kit, 2 red emergency flags on a staff

Requirements for Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator
At least 18 years old; have a valid driver’s license
Have a valid/legible escort vehicle operator certificate issued in AZ or in another state in immediate possession
Repeat training & certification requirements at least once every 4 years

Dept. of Transportation Permits Office
Hours: 6am-5pm MDT, Mon - Fri
Dept. of Transportation
Central Permits14370 Van Buren
Goodyear, AZ 85338
phone: (623)932-2257 | fax:(623)932-2441